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Faculty Awards

   Bechberger Award for Human Development   

The Bechberger Award for Human Development in the amount of $2,000 is given annually to a full-time faculty member for excellence in working with students outside the classroom.  It honors Dr. Carl S. Bechberger, Chairman of the Board of Trustees from 1953 to 1965, and honorary chairman until his death in 1968.

For additional award criteria, see the nomination form.

Previous Award Recipients

     Faculty Leadership in Study Abroad Award     

The Faculty Leadership in Study Abroad Award honors faculty who design and teach innovative and effective education abroad programs. Any full-time faculty member who has developed and led a study abroad program within the last three years is eligible for nomination. Self-nomination is permitted.

Awardees will receive a $2,000 award for professional development funds to continue to support internationalization efforts. 


For additional award criteria, see the nomination form.




 Previous Award Recipients

    Strosacker Award for Excellence in Teaching   

The Strosacker Award for Excellence in Teaching is the foremost recognition for outstanding teaching that is given at Baldwin Wallace University.  It is regarded as one of the most prestigious honors that can come to a faculty member here.  The nomination and selection of a faculty member for the Strosacker Award should, therefore, be made with careful thought and consideration.  The Award includes a gift in the amount of $2,000 from the Strosacker Endowment.


Competition for the Award is open to all members of our full-time faculty except those who received the Award previously (see list of previous recipients). 

For additional award criteria, see the nomination form.

Previous Award Recipients

   Excellence in Community Engagement Award  

The Excellence in Community Engagement Award recognizes the campus and community contributions of one Baldwin Wallace University faculty member each year. Recognized faculty winners are chosen for: demonstrating leadership in empowering BW students’ civic learning, fostering reciprocal and sustainable community partnerships, building institutional commitments to service-learning and community engagement, and other means of advancing the Baldwin Wallace mission of developing contributing and compassionate citizens through community-engaged teaching and learning.

Nominations and applications for this award can highlight sustained engagement over time, but should also emphasize community engagement efforts of the past 2-4 years.


For additional award criteria, see the nomination form. 

Previous Award Recipients

             Gigax Faculty Scholarship Award              

The Gigax Faculty Scholarship award in the amount of $2,000 recognizes a colleague who, through effective scholarship, has enhanced the learning environment of Baldwin Wallace University and beyond. Examples include the following:


1.  Publication of articles/books or public performances or shows in the arts.

2.  Effective encouragement of scholarship among and between faculty and students through personal initiative and example.

3.  Active participation and/or leadership in professional associations, presentation of papers and/or performances, keynote presentations, etc. 

4.  Contributions (made through scholarly activities) to effective teaching and to the enhancement of the Baldwin Wallace University learning and scholarly environment.

Faculty members who have won the award in the last five years are not eligible to receive the award this year.

For additional award criteria, see the nomination form.

Previous Award Recipients

   Research & Sponsored Program Impact Award   

The Research & Sponsored Program Impact (RSPI) Award is newly established by the Office of Graduate Studies & Research to:


  1. recognize a faculty or staff member for excellence in obtaining external funding through research or program grant proposals;

  2. recognize the impact of external funding on faculty, students, the university, the community, and our disciplines and fields of study;

  3. promote a culture of grant proposal writing and creation of knowledge or technology among faculty and staff; and

  4. encourage grant recipients to track the impact of their grant work on individuals, students, the university, the community, and their disciplines/fields.


The recipient, to be announced at Fall Conference, will receive a cash award of $2,000 and will be honored at our annual award ceremony. Any full-time faculty or staff member who has applied for or received external funding within the last three years is eligible for consideration. Self-nomination is permitted.

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