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Peer-To-Peer Engagement

Faculty Learning Community

Join a community of faculty colleagues to explore pedagogies and learning environments that may
contribute to the development and mastery of twenty-first century competencies and skills and advance the quality of learning for today’s students. This Faculty Learning Community (FLC) will present a conceptual and practical overview of a variety of evidence-based practices. Evidence-Based Practices are classroom pedagogies demonstrated through well-designed research studies to positively impact student learning and narrow achievement gaps in the classroom.                                                  

Reading Circles

A READing Circle is a small self-regulated group of faculty and staff who meet once a month for fifty (50) minutes to discuss a common reading.  

Research Circles

Laptop Writing

The Faculty Center is joining with Graduate Studies to provide a structure for individuals, both at the graduate and undergraduate levels, who would like to interact with colleagues to share and explore facets of faculty generated research through once a month small groups called Research Circles.