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Take 10: Instructional Design 

Tech Tools to Support Blended Learning & Remote Instruction
Susan Finelli-Genovese, Associate Professor & BW Faculty Center Fellow
Coordinator for the MAEd Leadership in Technology for Teaching & Learning Program / Instructional Coach for K-12 & Higher Education
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Gagne's 9 Events of Effective Instruction


After your viewing & exploration, try your hand in developing one of your lessons using the Gagne Lesson Plan Template.  As an instructional coach, I am happy to support you every step of the way in technology use and applications.  For each event, you will want to include a link to the tech-integration you will use in your lesson.

Once you have submitted a developed lesson plan to sfinelli@bw.edu (using the form above), I will provide feedback.  Approved lessons will be forwarded to Dr. Lisa Henderson to earn your tally mark for the Reward and Recognition (R&R) Program sponsored by the Faculty Center.    

What's Next?

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