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TAKE 10 Faculty Development 

Teaching Tech Talks

In less than half an hour, you may tune in and learn something new in Teaching Tech Talks on Tuesdays, sponsored by the *Jacket Give-Back Faculty Network in collaboration with the Faculty Center.


*Jacket Give-Back Faculty Network consists of BW faculty who attended professional conferences supported by the Faculty Center.  The purpose of this network is to disseminate learnings from those professional workshops to the broader BW community.   Teaching Tech Talks on Tuesdays will feature materials created by our BW faculty based upon their participation in the Faculty Center Summer Academy.


Links to Teaching Tech Sessions:

Teaching Tech Talks Spring 2022

How Formulating a Throughline Enhanced my Pedagogy Using

Autonomy and Mutual Respect   Code: C%u7t!ii

 Unpacking Our Teaching Applications in Canvas  

Teaching Tech Talks Fall 2021

Jacket Give Back Faculty Network Report

Teaching Tech Talks Spring 2021

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