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Virtual Pedagogy Summit

Sessions Held June 5 & July 15, 2020 

Instructional Design Basics: A Quality Matters Foundation for Online Courses

(Donna Gutschmidt, Kingsley Magpoc, Jacob Bowman)


OHIO (Online & Hybrid Instructor Orientation) resources which will assist faculty in developing ‘best practices’ for online course development will be presented. Faculty will have immediate access to these resources.

Some of the topics covered during the session are:

· Developing measurable learning objectives

· The 3 modes of online interaction

· Using modules to organize content

· Types of assessments

· Alignment and backward design

· An overview of the tools we support


A Quality Matters Foundation for Online Courses PDF

QM Coursemap Template

Recorded Session (1)

Recorded Session (2)

Creating Courses for the Flexibility of Blended Learning (Susan Finelli-Genovese)


Blended Learning is best-supported within a learning management system. Developing your course(s) in the Blackboard LMS will allow for technology-rich face-to-face lessons, flipped classrooms, remote learning, or fully online instructional strategies.

This session will cover:

  • An overview of QM standards and how elements can be addressed in remote learning

  • Examples of course organization

  • Ideas for engaging learning modules

  • Tools and strategies that support the 4C’s of 21st Century Skills; i.e. communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking


Flexible Formats for Blended Learning Presentation

Blended Technologies Digital Toolbox

Gagne's Nine Events Planning Sheet

QM Guidelines for Remote Instruction

Q&A Form & Responses

Recorded Session (1)

Recorded Session (2)

Flipping the Classroom (Tim Marshall)


Stressed about planning upcoming courses? Don’t flip out -- flip the classroom instead. The flipped classroom approach turns the tables on traditional classroom management and lesson planning. Students review lecture content and complete quizzes and exams on their own. During class time, students do what would typically be considered “homework” in structured, guided activity sessions. The flipped classroom is an active learning strategy that employs various blended learning concepts, making it an option for many courses regardless of delivery method.




Recorded Session (1)

Recorded Session (2)

Charting a Course to Success: Navigating the 7 Cs of Remote Course Design (Rochelle Berndt)

This presentation will provide effective strategies for planning synchronous and asynchronous remote instruction for the fall semester and beyond. The presenter will emphasize the importance of consistency in online module design and ongoing communication with students. Additionally, examples of creativity in assignment design will be communicated using a variety of technology tools aimed at promoting collaboration and appropriate challenge. Furthermore, ideas will be shared to support faculty-to-student and peer-to-peer connections through community-building strategies to foster a positive remote learning environment.

Resource:  Charting A Course to Success PDF

Recorded Session (1)

Recorded Session (2)

Exploring Remote Teaching with an iPad and Zoom (David Pope)


In this breakout session, we will discuss how to create interactive lessons with your iPad and Zoom. Tips for using an iPad, a PDF app, and Blackboard to streamline the digital process of grading written assignments will be shared. This session is for faculty who want to explore a different presentation medium than Blackboard Collaborate. A Zoom link will be provided to all participants.


Zoom Recording (1)

Zoom Recording (2)

            20-Minute Mentor


Managing Your Course through Uncertainty:  Using Empathy & Experimentation

Recorded Panopto Session

Lori Long, Burton D. Morgan Endowed Chair in Entrepreneurial Studies and Professor from the School of Business offers a bonus 20 Minute Mentor session to help us think about approaching our work differently as we begin a new academic year.  Please take twenty (20) minutes at your leisure to review the session below.
Session Recording:

The Essentials of Podcasting for Class: Techniques and Technology

Tuesday, August 4, 2020


Joe Tarantowski, Communication Arts & Sciences

Session Recording:

The Essentials of Podcasting for Class: Techniques and Technology - recording_1

This virtual session provides insights on the use of headphones, microphones, monitors, cameras, lighting, backdrops and general strategies for making the most from the equipment you have and how to improve with just a little investment.  Joe will guide you in effective delivery of course content via technology.


Closing the Digital Gap: Accessible Materials for All Learners

July 21, 2020

Cynthia Dieterich, School of Education

Session Recording:

This session provides general strategies to create accessible course materials that benefit all students in the online environment.  Specifically, leveraging tools that are currently available to the BW community. 

Presentation PowerPoint

Engaging Students Through Asynchronous Learning

July 7, 2020

Julie Miller, Communications Arts and Sciences

Session Recording:

Students don't have to be together in a physical or virtual classroom to be engaged.  This session will provide you with some quick tips on ways to engage students on their own time through asynchronous learning.


Presentation PowerPoint


End Game:  Backward Design

June 23, 2020

Mary Pisnar from the School of Business

Session Recording:

This session will model the process of backward course design using a comprehensive set of rubrics that facilitate clear instructor guidelines, student engagement, and content definition.  Using one course that has been re-designed, this session will walk faculty through the process that begins with a clear understanding of overall course objectives, then moves through creating a simple, yet standardized course structure to enable student engagement.


UM Online Course Assessment

CSU Chico Rubric

MGT Course Planning Worksheet

Module Organization Worksheet


Library Resources

June 9, 2020

Laurie Willis from Ritter Library

Session Recording:

Videos, books, and articles for free and I can link to Bb?—Oh my!! - recording_1


In this session, Laurie will guide you in the task of finding teaching materials and resources to guide students’ learning.

Videos, books, and articles for free and I can link to Bb?—Oh my!!  Say hello to content that you can easily integrate into Bb and gain tools on how to chat with the librarians to tap into the expertise. The session will highlight the subscription databases that offer content to deploy in your remote or F2F classes.

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