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Add the Zoom Plugin to Outlook

S.O.S. (Save Our Storage!)  How to DELETE Zoom recordings you no longer need.
Zoom is a BW-supported application, available to all full-time and adjunct faculty.  If you are a new user, please contact the BW HelpDesk to request an account

Log in to Zoom at:
  Zoom sessions can host up to 300 people.  BW also has an account that will facilitate a large group session for up to 2,000 guests.  To use the large group account, request access through the EMS app or contact the Union Scheduling and Conferences department. 

Zoom recordings are automatically saved to BW's Panopto cloud server.  Recordings made within a Bb course are routed back to that class and are available to students in the "Panopto Recordings" area.  

Classroom recordings that display student names, images, or voices are considered private and CANNOT be reused or reshown in another class. 

The BW HelpDesk provides support for Zoom.  Direct all questions to x7000 or email:
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