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Synchronous Video
BW currently supports these synchronous video platforms:
Collaborate Ultra2.png
Blackboard Collaborate Ultra was designed for instruction as opposed to conducting a meeting online.  Each BW course has a Collaborate room built in, making it easy for faculty and students to all join a remote session by simply clicking the course link.  No other meeting link needs to be communicated.  Blackboard is adding enhancements to Collaborate to facilitate seeing more faces.  Click HERE for more Collaborate resources.  Contact Ed Tech for assistance with Collaborate.
BW's institutional license as a Microsoft campus includes "Teams" video software.  Teams has rapidly gain popularity and is a leader in the synchronous video space.  Teams can be used as an online (text) communication platform as well as for hosting video meetings.  Teams now displays up to 49 visible participants.  Click HERE for Teams resources.  If you have questions or need help, contact the IT HelpDesk: helpdesk@bw.edu.  
In July 2020, BW signed a one-year contract with “Zoom.”  All faculty have a Zoom account.  Zoom funding came from the COVID-19 Relief fund and is not an operating budget item for 2021.  Zoom will not be integrated into other campus systems, as it was not intended to be a long-term solution.  Faculty who opt to use Zoom should be familiar with the tool or can access the Zoom support page.  BW support for Zoom is currently limited to licensing, login, and password help only.  Please consider using Collaborate or Teams, as IT assistance is available.