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UDOIT (You-Do-It) is an Accessibility Assistant for Canvas.  It allows you to scan each of your Canvas courses to identify these issues and then provides easy guidance for fixing them.  Removing these barriers and providing better access for all course content to all students is important.

The UDOIT tool is now fully integrated with BW's Canvas LMS and available to use.  Check out the UDOIT User's Guide!  It's a Canvas course that helps you learn the process.
The UDOIT Cloud is only visible to instructors and designers.  Students will not see it.  Go to your courses settings and add the UDOIT Cloud to your menu.  Here's how:

Making Changes to Canvas Course Menu
Once you've added the UDOIT Cloud to your course menu, click it to launch the application.  There's an overview video you can watch to help you get started.  

Click the UFIXIT button to begin correcting the issues it identified.  Don't be intimidated!  It's highly intuitive and does most of the work for you!
Begin reviewing each issue.  You can filter the issues by choosing options such as starting with those that are most critical, the easiest to fix, or by accommodation type (visual, auditory, etc.).  Most issues take very little time or effort to correct.  
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