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Respondus Lockdown Browser & Monitor
Respondus Lockdown Browser & Respondus Monitor are BW-licensed and supported tools for secure testing.  Use of these tools is OPTIONAL.

Lockdown Browser, when added to a test, prevents students from accessing any other sites, programs, or files from their device.  If needed, access to a specific software required for the test can be authorized.

Respondus Monitor can be used in conjunction with the Lockdown Browser.  It uses a student's webcam to monitor and record their activity during an exam and sends an authenticity report to you with any suspicious activity flagged.
Respondus is readily available in your Bb course.  From the Course Management section, expand the Course Tools menu to locate it.  It will launch the user resources dashboard to guide you and your students through the process.  (In Canvas, you will locate Respondus Lockdown Browser on the Course Navigation menu.)

Students will need to install the Respondus software on their personal computer.  The link to the software download is specific to BW.  Once a student downloads the software from this link, it will log them in to our instance of Respondus for any of their courses.  

For additional assistance with Respondus, please contact your BW Instructional Designer.