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Qwickly Tools
  • Qwickly has a customizable attendance tool.  You can track attendance and tardiness and award participation points directly into Grade Center.
  • Use the Qwickly attendance tool as your new Photo Roster!  It displays photos of all of your students.  (Student photos can also be viewed in MyRecords.)
  • Use Qwickly to turn on all of your courses and make them available to students with a single click.
  • Post an announcement across ALL of your courses with Qwickly.
  • Try the Qwickly "Jot" assignments!  Upload a map, image, or graph for students to label or diagram!
  • Did you know that Qwickly can test all the hyperlinks in your course?!  A fabulous time-saving feature that you'll want to use!

Looking for this Qwickly tools menu that was previously displayed on the Bb Home page?  You may need to re-install the module.  (Don't worry, it's easy.)  In less than two minutes, this video will show you how!  In Fall 2020, the Qwickly tools menu will be built into each Blackboard course.

Qwickly is a Blackboard add-in with many features that will save you time and add value to your instruction!

You must use Chrome or Firefox as your browser in Qwickly!