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Qwickly Plus
Qwickly is a course add-in with many features that will save you time and add value to your instruction!
  • Qwickly has a customizable attendance tool.  You can track attendance and tardiness and award participation points directly into Grade Center.
  • Use the Qwickly attendance tool as your new Photo Roster!  It displays photos of all of your students.  (Student photos can also be viewed in MyRecords.)
  • Use Qwickly to turn on all of your courses and make them available to students with a single click.
  • Post an announcement across ALL of your courses with Qwickly.
  • Try the Qwickly "Jot" assignments!  Upload a map, image, or graph for students to label or diagram!
  • Did you know that Qwickly can test all the hyperlinks in your course?!  A fabulous time-saving feature that you'll want to use!

You must use Chrome or Firefox as your browser in Qwickly!