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Qwickly Plus
  • Use the Qwickly Attendance tool to track attendance and tardiness and award participation points directly into Grade Center.
  • If Qwickly attendance is not displayed on your Canvas navigation, go to Settings > Navigation tab, and move it into the visible section.
  • Use the Qwickly attendance tool as your new Photo Roster!  It displays photos of all of your students.  Student photos can also be viewed in MyRecords.  (or by creating a photo roster).
To locate your other Qwickly tools in Canvas, click on the Account link from the Navigation bar.  Then choose "Qwickly Tools" and Authorize the application. 
Canvas Qwickly Tools.PNG
Your Qwickly Course Tools include:
  • Sending email to all of your students.
  • Posting an announcement to one or more of your courses (simultaneously).
  • Making your courses available.
  • Creating new content.
Canvas Qwickly.PNG
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