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Panopto Video
Panopto is BW's video capture and storage solution.  It provides the ability to record and store video content.  Recordings can be linked in Blackboard courses or uploaded as student assignments.  Panopto can also be launched from the classroom media cart to capture a lecture (audio and presentation screen).  Add a webcam for a multi-view capture!  Your video will be saved to the Panopto cloud.  Pantopto video can be viewed later from any remote location.  It's the perfect solution for a flipped classroom setup.   
Resources for Using Panopto!
Log in to your BW Panopto account here:
Document:  BW's Panopto User's Guide will help you get started
Video: Recording in Panopto for Windows - the Basics (5:09)
Video: Recording in Panopto for Mac - the Basics (6:16)
Document: How to Edit a Panopto Video

Video: Student Tutorial for a Panopto video assignment
Video:  How to Submit a Panopto Video in a Blackboard Course (6:28)
Video:  How to Add Notes to a Panopto Recording (1:58) 
Panopto Support Page:
How to Use the Panopto Hot Keys for Windows or Mac
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