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Online & Hybrid Course Design

Instructional design combines principles from education, psychology, and communication to design, develop, and deliver content in a manner that is optimal for online learners.  It takes into consideration HOW students learn and what type of instructional materials and activities help students achieve academic success.  Your designer will help you define objectives, organize course flow, maximize student engagement, integrate technology, & achieve results!   

For more information, contact the Instructional Designer for your School!

Assisting faculty from:


Conservatory of Music

Natural Sciences

Social Sciences

Assisting faculty from:

Allied Sport, Health & Wellness


Health Sciences


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All faculty have access to Ed Tech's OHIO course, listed under your "Courses" in Bb.  It covers best practices in online course design and has helpful videos, documents, and resources.
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BW is a Quality Matter institution and promotes quality course design by following the QM Rubric.  Other discipline-specific course quality rubrics have also been designed.  Contact your Instructional Designer for more information.
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