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Copyleaks Detector.jpg
Copyleaks is the new plagiarism detection tool that BW has selected to use with Canvas.  This replaces SafeAssign, which was used in Blackboard.  Copyleaks is a cloud-enabled AI-powered tool that uses machine learning algorithms to boost its capabilities.  It can scan files in over 100 languages!  It not only detects direct plagiarism but can also identify content that has been entered into paraphrasing "text spinners" that attempt to hide plagiarism.
It is easy to utilize Copyleaks for any assignment.  Activating the tool will scan all submitted papers for plagiarism, paraphrasing, and other deceptions.  You can also use it to scan any submitted work after-the-fact that appears suspicious.  A report is generated for each paper and you can share the report with the student.  As you create a new assignment for your course, simply choose the Copyleaks option.  Contact your BW Instructional Designer for more assistance.
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