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Spring Remote Sessions

Faculty Connections


During spring 2021, BW faculty/staff will emulate the 20-minute Monday Morning Mentor.   Each session from 11:00 - 11:30 AM will include 20-minutes for delivery of two concrete practices, tangible tools and strategies followed by 10-minutes of discussion or questions. 


Spring 2021

Feb 11th: Global Classrooms

April 15th: What does it take to be effective, focused and productive?


Fall 2020

September 8th Session

October 6th Session

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Four (4) to five (5) faculty colleagues, preferably from interdisciplinary areas, will remotely gather to share pearls and pitfalls while brainstorming for remote learning course delivery and student engagement.  

Spring, 2021

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Colleague as “Student” Pact

A faculty member recruits a colleague to be enrolled in his/her course as a student.  The “student” colleague may serve as an additional reviewer or “set of eyes” to determine how actual students are viewing and interacting with the Bb class layout, an assignment or a new electronic tool.

The Remote Open Classroom

A faculty member volunteers to open his/her online class and allows another colleague to observe.  Observing an open classroom provides a way to learn about the innovative teaching strategies other faculty are using. 

Spring, 2021

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