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Pedagogy Speaker Series

On September 27, 2019, The Faculty Center sponsored a Pedagogy Speaker Series featuring Dr. Catherine Ross. Forty faculty and staff gathered for an afternoon of engagement around the topic of Inclusive Teaching. For those unable to attend, please find the Inclusive Teaching Checklist and Inclusive Principles Guide from Dr. Ross’ presentation.

Attendees' Testimonials:


The BW Faculty Center event, the Inclusive Teaching afternoon, was fun and enriching; I came away with strategies that I have already implemented in my classroom--to great effect! Thank you, BW Faculty Center! ~ Dr. Ana Boe

The afternoon spent with Dr. Catherine Ross was a refreshing, engaging, and validating experience for me. I was excited to learn more about how to better support and engage our students, while recognizing that the BW community collectively already demonstrates many of the best practices highlighted. It was a wonderfully edifying experience all around. If I had the opportunity to work with or hear from Dr. Ross again, I would do it in a heartbeat. What a wonderful wealth of knowledge! Thank you to the Faculty Center.

~ Chisomo Selemani, M.A., CCC-SLP


It was my pleasure to attend a session at an AAC&U conference two years ago and participate in a session led by Catherine Ross. This, in large part, fueled my interest in attending the BW “Inclusive Teaching” event. Dr. Ross did not disappoint. I learned new techniques that I can employ immediately to create the kind of classroom and laboratory experience where all can participate and learn.

~ Dr. Jim McCargar