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Canvas Training: Webinars & Videos
These recorded training sessions and quick tutorials will help you get started using Canvas!

BW 3rd Party Tools

Webinar Host Emily.png

BW's Emily Weller helps you relocate your teaching tools in Canvas, such as Panopto, Zoom, Qwickly, etc.  (20 min.)


90-min live session recording on creating quizzes (question types, accommodations, etc.) From 4/21/22.

Training Refresher

Webinar Host Emily.png

Need a refresher from your one-on-one training?  Emily walks you through most features again (38 min.)


90-minute live session recording on GradeBook and Speed Grader.  MUST WATCH!  From 2/24/22.


90-min live session recording on Assignments & Rubrics.  Assignment types & points are covered.  From 3/29/22.

Canvas Instructor "Quick" Tutorials:
Announcements (2.5 min.)
Assignments (4 min.)
Calendar (5 min.)
Course Home Page (3.5 min.)
Gradebook (9 min.)
Modules (4 min.)
Pages (3.5 min.)
Quizzes (4.5 min.)
Rubrics (4.5 min.)
Speed Grader (3 min.)
Syllabus (2 min.)