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Canvas Learning Management System

Welcome to Canvas, BW's new LMS Provider!


After nearly twenty-five years using Blackboard as its LMS (Learning Management System), BW is moving to Canvas!  The transition is underway and in Fall 2022, all courses at BW will be delivered in Canvas!  Leading up to that date, all faculty will receive training and support for onboarding to the new LMS.  Canvas is a robust and intuitive platform that has rich features and a mobile-ready environment.  It is currently the most-preferred LMS in higher education.  Prepare for an upgraded experience!  

Canvas Resource Pages for BW Faculty:

Learn to use Canvas features in no time with these quick on-demand videos!

Check your browser and version for compatibility with Canvas.

A list of all the tools you've used in Bb and their equivalent in Canvas.

For those who learn best from written instructions, exlore the Canvas library!

Download Canvas mobile apps for teachers and students (Android & iOS).