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Blackboard Learning Management System

Blackboard LMS

Blackboard is BW's Learning Management System.  A Blackboard course site is automatically created for each course at BW.   As the instructor, you can customize your course site and determine the level of use.  There are MANY tools and options to choose from that can be used to facilitate engagement with students.  Share course materials, collect & grade assignments, take attendance, and more!  

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Bb Collaborate Ultra


Blackboard's synchronous online classroom and meeting environment.

Bb Annotate


Annotate is Blackboard's new inline grading tool and has great new features!

Instructional Design

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Your assigned Instructional Designer can help you to design an engaging course!

Creating Exams in Bb


Creating exams in Bb can be tricky. These instructions will help. (Or just call Ed Tech!)

Submit Grades


Instructions for how to submit mid-term and final grades to "MyRecords."

Testing Bb Hyperlinks


Use Qwickly to test all the hyperlinks found in your Bb course.  So "Qwick" & easy!

Bb Quick Start Guide

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If you are new to Blackboard, you'll be off to a quick start with this 8-step guide!

Bb Content Editor


The Blackboard Content Editor is used for creating your course content.

Printable Photo Roster


Here's how to create a printable photo roster of the students in your course.

Grade Center & Rubrics


Helpful resources for using the Bb Grade Center, rubrics, and assessments!

Bb SafeAssign


This Bb integrated plagiarism detection tool will evaluate student writing assignments.

Bb Course Copy

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Follow these instructions to copy your course from one term to the next.

Bb Ally

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With Ally, all of your course documents can be translated to other accessible formats!

Designer vs. Instructor

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Understanding what your designer can provide vs. the instructor's responsibilities.