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Spring 2020
Schedule of Events

A Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program

This page includes a Survey of Mentoring Topics. Please take a moment to review the list.  If you are interested in serving as a mentor and conversing with others about the topic(s), or if you have a topic of interest which is not listed, include it and sign your name next to the area(s) of expertise.  Please complete the survey by Friday, September 20th.

The way Colleagues, Coffee and Conversations will work is once mentors are identified; the list will be posted to the BW Faculty Center Website.  The list will serve as a directory, and if any topic appears interesting, faculty may contact one or more of the mentors.  Informal conversations over coffee at the Cyber-Café in the Union, or Starbucks at University Market, Berea may be arranged based on mutual schedules, and the cost of the coffee will be covered by the Faculty Center!  Once our directory is complete and posted, the logistics for securing coffee coupons and making contacts with peer mentors will be announced.

In the meantime, mentors must be secured.   


Please help by completing the survey by Friday, September 20. 

Teaching Professor

Virtual Conference to be held:  October 1 - December 31, 2020

The Virtual Leadership in Higher Education Conference will examine today’s issues, leadership strategies,

and best practices as they relate to higher education leadership. 

Email completed application to bwfacultycenter@bw.edu

by September 18, 2020

Traveling Troops Professional Development Application

Remote Open Classroom

The Open Classroom is just as it sounds.  A faculty member volunteers to open his/her classroom on a day of his/her choosing and allows another colleague to observe.  Observing an open classroom provides a way to learn about the innovative teaching strategies other faculty on campus are using. 

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Colleagues, Coffee and Conversations

Business Team Research

Colleagues, Coffee and Conversations is a Peer-to Peer Mentoring Program which offers the opportunity for faculty with experience or expertise in many areas of interest to share their knowledge informally with others.  This program provides a venue for colleagues within and across departments and schools to meet and learn from one another, share common interests, and work on solutions to pedagogical concerns.