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BW-Supported Classroom Technologies

Per BW’s “Acceptable Use” policy, it is important to use BW's institutionally-supported software and systems.  Faculty, staff, and students who choose to download and use other applications could be at risk for spyware, malware, viruses, or having their personal or intellectual data used by others.  Unsupported programs can sometimes pose security threats to the BW network when connected to BW email accounts or other BW systems.  The BW HelpDesk can only provide assistance for BW-supported software and systems.

Office 365 Apps and more...
Synchronous Video Sessions
Lecture Capture, Create & Store Video
Lockdown Browser & Monitor Testing
Narrate over PowerPoint, Video Intros
Classroom Polls and Quizzing
Attendance Tool, "Jot" Assignments
Online Video Training Tutorials
Wireless Screen Sharing in Classroom
Equipment list for each classroom/lab
Short-Term Loans of Tech Equipment